Courts are bound to resolve family issues of Muslims in the light of Shariah

Panipat: A key meeting entitled ‘System of Darul Qaza and family issues’ was organised at Jamiat Sout ul Quran affiliated to Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow. Over a dozen muftis, more than 30 scholars attended the programme. The speakers said that keeping in view the population of the country, at least 1 lakh judges need to be recruited. In the current situation, it takes over 4 years for a case to be resolved through court. On the other hand, in the Darul Qaza under Muslim Personal Law Board the matter can be resolved within weeks with less expenditure. They said Darul Qaza is not a new system. It was prevalent in the countries where there was no Islamic rule. Even during the British period, the system was prevalent.

Qazi Mufti Mohammed Ashiq of Muslim Personal Law Board said that India is a secular country. As per the constitution of the country, every citizen of the country has a right to lead a life according to his own religion. Hence Courts are bound to resolve the family issues of Muslims in the light of Shariah.