Court Summons Shami: ‘Arrest warrant against him may be issued’

Indian pacer Mohammed Shami has been asked to appear before a court in Kolkata on January 15 in connection with a complaint of cheque bounce filed by his wife, with whom he is involved in a marital dispute case.

Md Zafar Parwej, who is the Alipore Judicial Magistrate and in-charge of the chief judicial magistrate court, said that failure to appear personally may invite a warrant of arrest against Shami.

Earlier his wife Hasin Jahan filed the case under NI Act after he had allegedly stopped payment of a cheque which he had given to her for monthly expenses after a marital dispute.

According to the report published in the ndtv, Judicial Magistrate had directed Shami to appear before the court on Wednesday after he had failed to appear on an earlier date in October.

Shami’s lawyer Sk Salim Rahaman appealed before judge Parwej that Shami is allowed to appear through the council. The judge, however, said that the law was the same for everyone and directed Shami to appear personally on January 15, 2019.

The court said that failure on the part of Shami to appear before the court on the said date may invite issuance of arrest warrant against him.