In Court, UP Govt. has recognized Babri Masjid as a mosque, not temple: Advocate Zafaryab Jilani

Saharanpur: National Chairman Babri Masjid Action Committee, Secretary Personal Law Board, spokesman of Babri Masjid legal Committee and founder member & Board member of Milli council Zafaryab Jilani advocate claimed that UP government has accepted Babri Masjid as a mosque and not temple since the idols were kept in the masjid in 1949. He was answering a question posed by media persons following a board meeting of Milli Council.

According to Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, the then DM of Faizabad also accepted the same and the same has been mentioned in the police FIR. It is present in the record of the Court. He said in 1950 when it was the government of Vallabh Bhai Patel in UP, the government in its reply in the court had accepted that the structure was never a temple, the puja was never done there. Not only this, Nirmohi Akhara, which is a party in the case, has claimed the chabotra near the Babri Masjid as Ram Mandir. It has not made any claim on the structure of Babri Masjid.

Mr Jilani said the same is mentioned in the High Court verdict of 2010.