Of course I love commercial success, but never thought about it: Vidya Balan

Mumbai: Since she entered the film industry, Vidya Balan has broken the stereotypical notion of how a conventional Bollywood heroine should look like.

She has always come across as a more authentic and substantial actress rather than just another pretty face with a zero-size figure.

While discussing her career graph, roles and the reason behind making unusual choices when selecting her movies on Famously Filmfare, the Kahaani star said, “I wasn’t fitting into the conventional roles and was getting offered these different categories of films which were a great opportunity for me.”

“In a way, it was survival instinct as an actor more than the career. As an actor, you’re really hungry to play a role, to live another person’s life and I was getting those opportunities which were very definitive in a film. I, of course, love commercial success but never thought about it,” she added.

Vidya hasn’t failed to steal hearts in her unconventional avatars and, today is regarded as one of the most versatile actors in the Hindi cinema.

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