Couple thrashed for ‘being too close’ on Kolkata Metro

Kolkata: In a shocking incident of ‘moral policing’, a group of older men beats up a couple in Kolkata Metro for for “being too close” after boarding the metro train on Monday late evening.

The young couple was reportedly bombarded with embarrassing questions like, “Why aren’t you going to a pub in Park Street?” to “Why don’t you get a room?” – a range of questions were hurled at the couple, eyewitness Ujjwal Chakraborty wrote.

And when the girl tried to save the boy from punches, kicks, and slaps, she too received a few blows. The videos of the assault taken by eyewitnesses have since gone viral on all the social media platforms.

However, no complaint was lodged with the metro rail authority, Kolkata Metro Railway CPRO Indrani Banerjee said on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, no complaint has been lodged as yet and this makes it very difficult to conduct an inquiry,” Banerjee said, adding that the Metro was “against moral policing,” Banerjee told IANS.

A protest was held on Tuesday outside the Dum Dum station against the incident, demanding the arrest of people.

“It is becoming very difficult to get to the bottom of the incident,” she added.

Asked how they would handle the protests being staged outside Dumdum Metro Station, she said: “I have just come to know about the protest. People are well within their rights to register their protest but this should not disrupt our services in any manner.”

She also said that the metro railway is “against moral policing”.

IANS inputs