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Couple arrested for killing man’s 2 kids from first marriage

Couple arrested for killing man’s 2 kids from first marriage

Rajkot: A 35-year-old man is convicted with his second wife for killing his two children from his first marriage six months ago, as his second wife did not like the stepchildren.

Shamji Vaghela, a resident of Nadapa village near Bhuj, had allegedly murdered his 12-year-old daughter Aarti and six-year-old son Mukesh by taking them to different places.

Vaghela a casual labourer, married Jyoti two years ago after his first wife Laxmi died six years ago soon after giving birth to Mukesh. The couple had frequent quarrels because of the stepchildren.

The murder came to light when a truck driver, Suleman Arab Traya found the remains of a child in the forest area of Nadapa and Habaya villages on July 10. He immediately informed Paddhar police station.

The police launched a probe and started inquiring about missing children from these two villages. During the investigation police got to know that Vaghela’s two children were nowhere to be seen since a long time.

Police sub-inspector R G Jadeja “We then picked up Vaghela and his wife and grilled them. They have confessed to the crime.”

Vaghela confessed his crime. He said while returning from Kolkata to Gujarat along with Aarti in February. He got down at Palanpur railway station and took Aarti to a forest area nearby. There, he strangulated her and disposed of her body.

After few days Vaghela came to Nadapa village with Mukesh and Jyoti. He took his six-year-old son to the forests near Habaya and killed him in a similar way.

Jadeja said. “After the revelation, we inquired in Palanpur police station and found that a complaint of murder was lodged against unidentified persons on February 20 when the girl’s body was found. Now, both murders have been detected.”