Countrywide protest against descendans of Abraha (Houthis) after Friday prayers

Hyderabad: Muslims of India will raise voice of protest against Houthi rebels in Yemen attacked the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia, last week. No doubt Allah (swt) is the protector of Haram-e-Kaba, but to show the solidarity, Muslims of India will hold a countrywide protest. Maulana Peer Syed Shabbir Naqshbandi Iftekhari President All India Association of Religious Leaders told this in a press statement.

Mr. Iftekhari said a true Muslim will never desecrate Holy Kaba. Yes, the descendants of Abraha and Yazeed can only do such satanic act. Maulana urged the Muslims belonging to various schools of thought to unite against the enemies of Islam on the basis of Kalma-e-Tayyaba then only we can fulfill our religious duty.

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