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“Country, not ‘cows’ needs to be saved”- Uddhav Thackeray

“Country, not ‘cows’ needs to be saved”- Uddhav Thackeray

“Biggest right of mine has been taken away by the EVMs,” said Thackeray

MUMBAI: ‘Saving the country is much more important than saving cows at the moment,” Uddhav Thackeray slammed the BJP Government.

Additionally, Thackeray, Shiv Sena president on Wednesday called the BJP Government a “useless government” in Maharashtra. Thackeray also targeted the BJP for strengthening only their party but not the country.

Thackeray had been conducting a series of meetings with key Shiv Sena office bearers, corporators, legislators along with party ministers since the past couple of days. He criticised the state government and its ally BJP several times while speaking at these meetings, highly-placed sources in the party told the New Indian Express. While commenting on the EVM controversy, Uddhav said, “I don’t blame the machine, but I have a reservation about it. I have no clue about to whose account my vote has gone. This biggest right of mine has been taken away by the EVMs.”

Uddhav also dared the BJP to go for mid-term polls as early as possible. “If you feel others would get frightened if you mention mid-term polls, let me tell you we are not from that lot. If you tell us that you would conduct mid-term polls tomorrow, I would say, conduct it today,” he said.

Uddhav also asked Modi to teach a lesson to Pakistan. “Pakistan won’t learn a lesson with just one surgical strike. You will have to enter Pakistan and divide it into pieces. Shiv Sena would be there with you,” he said.