While the country celebrates R-Day, Hindu Mahasabha observes it as black day

Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha observed January 26, Republic Day, as “black day” and took oath to make India a “Hindu Rashtra.”

Ashok Kumar Sharma, national vice president, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha said, “The Partition of India took place on the basis of religion and eventually India was declared a secular country. Had India been secular, it would have had a Uniform Civil Code, which is not the case. We have been observing this day for over five decades now and will continue until India is declared a Hindu Rashtra.”

The purpose of my life and that of millions of people like me, who are present in this country, is to make this country a Hindu Rashtra. Nobody can stop this country from becoming a Hindu Rashtra.

To mark ‘Black Day’ or ‘Kaala Divas’ – as the party members call it, member of the organization waved black flags at the office of Hindu Mahasabha on Sharda road on the eve of R-Day.

Mr. Sharma, “This is the 51st year, I as an obedient solider of Hindu Mahasabha, have shown black flag to the idea of secular India and the Constitution which declares this nation to be secular.”

When the partition of India happened, Pakistan became ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan.’ So, why was India not declared as a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Mr. Rajput declared,”The anti-Hindu leaders like Gandhi and Nehru declared this country to be secular. We want to correct the historical mistakes which these people forced on us.”