Costa Rica envoy moves to Bengaluru

New Delhi: The high level of air pollution in Delhi has affected the health of the Costa Rican envoy, prompting her to retreat to Bengaluru.
Ambassador of Costa Roca to India Mariela Cruz Alvarez appealed to the people, saying the “blue planet is crying” due to pollution.
In a personal blog post, she said, “This past week the levels of pollution in Delhi reached impossible numbers. The consequences of breathing this air I had no idea – until I reached Bengaluru and my system collapsed.”
The post was written last week, and on November 14 she wrote another piece highlighting the environmental concern.
“I’m sick with this poison as thousands are around the world in big cities, some more than others yes,” she said.
“What happened last week in Delhi was her voice speaking to the whole world. Headlines spoke about poisonous air, doctors claim the city was to be evacuated. I was there as millions watched how we breathed her hideous fumes,” Alvarez said.
The envoy, in an emotional post, appealed to the society and humanity to listen to the planet’s cry.
“India I love you and I’m here to tell the world you are not alone,” she added.
“I’m not a visitor, I’m yours also. My voice is there to claim justice because we are all responsible for your pain. I could have planted more trees and consumed less plastic. I could walk more and ride my car less. I could have used less electricity and eaten less processed food in the past. But I chose to be selfish. I chose to look the other way,” she said.
“I’m as guilty as anyone in this country because the atmosphere is one for all. What happens in America affects Asia and the rest of the world. We are all in this together and those who choose the other way will keep their denial going,” the envoy added.