Corruption biggest threat to CPEC completion, says Imran Khan’s PTI

Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that corruption is the biggest threat in the way of the successful completion of the China-Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Sarwar has accused the ruling Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government of avoiding accountability in the name of democracy and said that the PTI “will not let that happen”.

┬áThe PTI leader further said that his party is demanding accountability for national interests, and added that the “stunts and drama” of has been revealed before the international community.

“How can betterment be expected from the PML-N if it couldn’t even control load shedding? If Imran Khan will become prime minister, the country will get rid of all problems and get recognition in the international community,” the Daily Times quoted him, as saying.

Sarwar said that the ruling dispensation in has made a habit of accusing Imran Khan for every failure, while the PTI chief was only demanding accountability in Panama leaks for betterment of future generations.

“Nation cannot sustain without system of justice and punishment. PML-N should understand thatcannot move ahead without accountability and eradication of corruption, load shedding and unemployment,” he said.

The PTI leader said that his party was completely supporting CPEC,while asserting that peaceful and democratic protests of the PTI were not against anybody but corruption-based manifesto of PML-N.

“The rulers will have to end their corruption programme, as PTI has resolved to end the menace once and for all,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, leaders of the People’s Party (PPP) condemned the PTI’s announcement of shutting down the federal capital saying, it was totally uncalled for under the prevailing circumstances.