Corporators protest hike in property tax

Hyderabad, April 30: Corporators of the Telugu Desam Party on Friday accused the standing committee of the GHMC, for imposing unwarranted burden on common man by increasing the property tax rates.

TDP corporators led by their floor leader, Singireddy Srinivas Reddy staged a protest at the GHMC head office, demanding withdrawal of all resolutions adopted by the standing committee immediately.

The standing committee which met yesterday, approved the proposal to avail a loan of Rs 600 crore from banks and financial institutions for financing infrastructure projects and by levying additional five percent surcharge in the colonies where such projects are implemented.

Srinivas Reddy said the GHMC council is the only competent authority to fix taxes.

He added a notice has to be also published in the government gazette relevant to imposing taxes and fix a reasonable period for submission of objections. “Instead of levying additionalburden on the common man, GHMC should exert pressure for release of grants in lieu of professional tax, road maintenance and property tax on government buildings which is to the tune of Rs 450 to Rs 500 crore,” said the leader.

CPM opposes 5% surcharge

Meanwhile, CPM leader and former MP P Madhu demanded withdrawal of GHMC’s proposal to impose five percent surcharge along with property tax in the name of creation of basic amenities.

He warned the GHMC authorities that they would have to face public wrath if they failed to withdraw the proposal to hike property tax rates immediately.