Corona warrior Dr Saud Anwar surprised with unsung hero parade

South Windsor: Residents in South Windsor surprised Connecticut State Senator Dr. Saud Anwar with a convoy of cars that paraded by his house, to show their gratitude for the work he’s doing on the front lines as a lung doctor at Manchester Memorial Hospital.

YouTube video

Ventilator machine for multiple patients

Dr. Saud Anwar, Pakistani American doctor, invented a setting – connection modus in the US, wherein one medical breathing air ventilator will help ventilate 7 patients at a time. An ideal means to manage scarce resource.

YouTube video

Residents in South Windsor took out the unsung hero parade honouring state senator Dr Saud Anwar on April 10 2020. They put placards on their vehicle with complimentary remarks like ‘Dr Saud Anwar’ ‘Your heroism inspires us!’ ‘thank you’ ‘thank you for your heroism’ etc.

People inside the cars were seen clapping and waving hands. Dr Anwar waved them back to thank them. They exchanged flying kisses as well.

Dr Anwar got emotional during the surprise parrade. In any interview Dr Saud Anwar revealed that since he is taking care of Covid patients and he doesn’t want his family to be exposed, he is living in isolation. “It has been lonely and challenging”, he said, adding that he felt blessed due to the surprise parade.

Dr Saud Anwar thanks for the surprise

Dr Anwar posted the video on his facebook timeline and wrote: “Thank you for all the people who came in today to surprise me. I am truly humbled and overwhelmed with the love that you have all shown. I feel blessed to be part of the community and also work with the finest group of health care workers that I love and respect.

Family feels proud

His sister Bushra Anwar commented on his post: “There was a time when I taught you ABC and Masha Allah you are being genuinely appreciated so much. I feel blessed to have a brother like you so sincere with everyone. Stay blessed State Senator Saud Anwar. This you have earned for yourself with your own efforts mA,,,”

Dr Saud Anwar’s profile

According to Dr Saud Anwar’s linked profile, he is a physician who specializes in Lung Diseases and Critical Care Medicine. Currently, he serves as Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine of Eastern CT Health Network. He is currently serving as Mayor of the Town of South Windsor, CT.

Dr. Anwar is involved in humanitarian and peace initiatives nationally and internationally. He is frequently invited to consult for our government and has organized medical missions for disaster relief. His efforts have been recognized at the state and federal levels and by several professional organizations.