Cop turned criminal behind truck driver’s death in Kashmir

The mob that attacked the 20 -year-old young man, Zahed Bhat and others in the truck in Jammu’s Udhampur on October 9, was led by a policeman turned criminal, investigations have revealed.

Former Constable Jasbir Singh is among nine arrested in the case. “He was the one who instigated the mob that threw petrol bombs at a truck following rumours of cow slaughter’, sources told NDTV.

Two years ago, Jasbir Singh went missing from the police force in Jammu’s Udhampur. He then started a criminal gang called the Maya Gang and is wanted in several cases.

He has been booked in three cases and has charges of abduction, assault and criminal investigation against him. However he had always managed to escape arrest and even departmental action due to local political support, said sources.

The five of the nine people arrested have political affiliations and past criminal records. Zahid Bhat who was attacked by Hindu mob using petrol bombs in Udhampur died fighting for his life at a hospital in Delhi as he received serious burn injuries.

“As investigation progresses, involvement of extremists and rising intolerance in India is becoming clear.“These persons have been booked for planning and executing a criminal conspiracy aiming at disturbing peace and public order in the state under a pre-designed and motivated plan,” District Magistrate.

The Chief Minister has said strict action will be taken against whoever is involved in this crime. A criminal is a criminal, he can be anybody. It is shocking a man in uniform committed the crime,” said Nizamudin Bhat, general secretary of the CM’s paty, the People’s Democratic Party or PDP.