‘I am convinced you have lost your mind’: Jethmalani tells Justice Karnan

New Delhi [India], Mar. 12 (ANI): Taking potshots at Calcutta High Court Justice C.S. Karnan over his claims of being targeted because he belonged to the Dalit community, senior advocate and Rajya Sabha member Ram Jethmalani has dubbed his behaviour to be that of a lunatic and said he was convinced that the former has lost his mind.

“I am sorry to tell you that I am convinced you have lost your mind. Your behaviour is that of a lunatic and some day that may be the only defence available to you though with no bright change of success,” Jethmalani said in an open letter to Justice Karnan.

Earlier this week, a warrant had been issued by the Supreme Court against Justice Karnan in a contempt case owing to his absence in the court upon being summoned. This came as a consequence of the allegations he levied on several sitting and retired judges of being corrupt.

Justice Karnan was to appear before the apex court on February 8. After the warrant was issued against him, Justice Karnan alleged that the order was ‘atrocious’ and enforced primarily to ruin his career. “It is a caste issue, a Dalit judge prevented from doing work in a public office,” he claimed.

To this regard, Jethmalani, defending the country’s judiciary, said that the claims were allegedly directed towards weakening the system in a ‘corruption-dominated country.’

“As a lawyer I have worked all my life for the backward classes and I have great concern and sympathy for them. But you are out to cause the greatest damage to their interests. Please listen to the sensible advice of an old man who as hardly any concern other than service to the nation including other backward classes,” Jethmalani further stated in the letter. (ANI)