Conviction of Snake gang accused a victory for Police

Cyberabad police commissioner C V Anand today described the life imprisonment imposed by a local court to the members of snake gang is a great victory.

Life imprisonment by a 2nd Special Sessions Judge  of Rangareddy court on the seven main members of the infamous & notorious ‘Snake Gang’ of Pahadi Shareef is a great victory for the entire criminal justice system including the Police, prosecution and judiciary.

This judgment will go a long way in sending out the right message to rowdy gangs operating in the capital area who occupy land and harass land owners, molest and rape women of and coming to their area, and generally spread fear and havoc in their bastions, the commissioner said.

This conviction of the entire ‘Snake Gang’ will bring further improvement in the Safety of Women. The Cyberabad police will take legal advice whether to appeal or not for conviction under the section of Gang rape too, as they have not been proved here due to the silence of the victim.

He appreciated the police personnel involved in probing the case. The commissioner had led the massive operation to arrest the culprits of snake gang. (NSS)