Converted by kindness: woman protesting against ‘Islam’ ends up hugging and befriending Muslims

A heart-warming video of an anti-Islam protester and a Muslim woman hugging her in Columbus has gone viral.

According to sources, hate-filled e-mails and threatening phone calls had been arriving for months at Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus, Ohio.

So when the mosque’s leaders found out an anti-Islam protest was scheduled for the weekend outside their center, they alerted police and prepared for the worst.

However only one woman turned up for an anti-Muslim protest, and she never expected that she’d end up hugging the people against whom she was protesting just moments before.

According to sources the protester identified herself as “Annie,” arrived at Noor Islamic Cultural Center this past Saturday to protest with signs showing Islamophobic symbols.

After she arrived at the mosque, she met with Muslims who were trying to make her understand Islam, but she was not ready to listen.

Referring to Islam as “a glorified death cult”, Annie refuses to befriend with the man, saying they can’t be friends as he is a Muslim.

As the interaction was gradually getting more intense, a Muslim woman “Cox DeBoutinkhar” walked in, asking her, “Can I hug you?”

Before Annie could respond, Cox DeBoutinkhar hugged her, explained to her that she came for peace and invited her into the mosque.

Cox DeBoutinkhar says her feelings, “Something came over me, Its actually Islam’s teaching which asks us to behave good even if others behaves bad. I went up to her and asked if I could give her a hug I asked her to please come inside with me. She was actually AFRAID! I asked if I look scary to her. She said I didn’t. I promised her I’d stay right by her side the whole time”.

When we walked in, me carrying one of her two signs, everyone was waiting for her in the lobby. We all began applauding. I stayed by her side as I promised”.

Before departing from the mosque, without her signs, Annie reportedly told Cynthia, “I had no idea Muslims could be nice to me, even after I stood out there with those signs. Sorry.”

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