‘Convert Muslim men to Hinduism’, among other instructions to Hindu Girls from VHP

Kolkata: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad affiliates Bajrang Dal and Durga Vahini is preparing door-to-door campaigning against the so-called ‘love- Jihad’, warning people across West Bengal against the dire consequences if not followed.

The dos and don’t’s list apart from compulsorily wearing sindoor and Mangalsutra, include reconverting one’s husband to Hindu religion if ‘trapped’ into a marriage outside Hindu religion and creating a religious atmosphere at home, contact VHP or approach Police, India.com reported.

As many as 35,000 Durga Vahini and 40,000 Bajrang Dal members will be campaigning to curb the ‘love-jihad’ practice, as they call, in West Bengal. The members plan door-to-door visits to houses apart from distributing leaflets, pamphlets of the campaign across West Bengal.

Sachindranath Sinha, VHP organising secretary for West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and Andaman Islands, said the campaign will start soon. “This is one issue which we are trying to highlight throughout Bengal and create awareness. Love jihad is a grave problem in Bengal. We will be asking families, especially Hindu parents, to follow a list of Dos and Don’ts to prevent love jihad. In cases where love jihad has already happened, we will ask parents to take necessary steps,” he said.

“We will be counselling parents whose daughters have become victims of love jihad and provide them legal guidance wherever necessary,” Sinha said.

Taking the campaign to whole lot another level, the VHP has prepared booklets on pressurising Muslim men to convert to ‘Hinduism’, how to identify ‘love-Jihad’, its prevention, dos and dont’s if a Hindu girl falls in this so-called ‘trap’ are the few instructions given to Hindu girls.

VHP spokesperson Sourish Mukherjee, speaking of the campaign, said: “We have already prepared a list of families whose daughters are being trapped into love jihad. We will visit such houses, counsel the parents and warn them of the grave danger. We are not against love but against love jihad which is a planned way of luring away Hindu girls.”