Contract worker electrocuted while working on pole

Hyderabad: Unauthorized constructions and criminal negligence of government department are becoming a threat not only to the general public but to people associated with the government departments as well. In one such incident, a contract worker belonging to electricity department was electrocuted while working on an electric pole at King Kothi, Parda Gate. The incident created panic in the area.

42-year-old, Bhumaiah, a resident of Karwan, was a contract labour in electricity department. According to inspector Narayanguda Mr Ravindra, Bhumaiah was working on a pole when he got electrocuted. The shock was so intense that he died on the pole itself.

Due to the abundance of wires, it has become difficult for the labours to differentiate between an electric wire and a normal wire. Electricity department should take measures to stop such incidents in future.