Contract marriages: House of Qazi Ali Abdullah Rifai raided

Hyderabad: Hyderabad police on Monday night raided house of Qazi Ali Abdullah Rifai, of Talabkatta, to nab him in connection with an alleged ‘contract marriage’ case. However, the Qazi and his son reportedly escaped from the house. Police is in search of the Qazi for he allegedly took a few lakh rupees from an elderly Oman national. The Qazi was said to have arrested on similar charges by the police several times before.

DC has quoted a senior police official as saying “When we raided the lodge we found the Oman nationals in suspicious circumstances and some money was also found with them. They confessed that they had plans to get married to a local girl here and they paid some money to Qazi Rifai. We rushed our teams to the spot but he managed to give us the slip”.

The said Qazi was said to be suspended by the Waqf Board in 2014, following which he obtained a stay from court and is continuing to be at large.