Constructions stalled at Waqf land of Masjid Nana Bagh, Basheer Bagh

Hyderabad: Waqf Board on Thursday stalled illegal construction continued on Waqf land of Masjid Nana Bagh, Basheer Bagh and lodged complaint against the person undertaking illegal construction.

According to sources one named Nandkishore Agarwal was carrying out construction on the Masjid land and had begun construction of a multi-storied complex on 150 sqyds land. Slabs were laid for that.

After the land was proved to be Waqf, the Waqf Board issued notices to all the occupants including the said trader. Construction work was stopped after the notice was served however the said trader is said to have continued construction work in the inside area by covering the outer portion.

On receipt of complaint, Chief Executive Officer, Mohammed Asadullah, immediately sent officials who stopped the construction work. A complaint has also been lodged with the police and he has been warned by the police against further construction activities.

It must be noted that 7 Beegha land which comes to nearly 5 acre, is recorded in the Waqf gazette under Masjid Nana Bagh.

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