Constitution gives more rights to Minorities yet they are treated unequal says MHRD Satya Pal

New Delhi: Minister of State for Human Resource Development (MHRD) Satya Pal while speaking on the eve of Ambedkar Jayanti said Minorities in India, though given rights by the constitution yet feel cheated.

He was speaking at Delhi’s University on Saturday where he clearly stated the minorities in India are simply not treated as equals as the rest of the nation, Indian Express reported.

“(Despite) the kind of rights that have been given to minorities in the Constitution, they still feel cheated. They have the right to run their institutes, religious institutions, but the majority does not have (this). Law is equal to all,” he said.

Finally, someone did speak about how respective minorities in India are subjected to discrimination in their own nation.

Calling attention to discrimination based on minorities religion he said: “You want to have a strong democratic country, where everyone gets educated. We have the law – Right to Education (Act). But in the last eight years, have we been able to implement it? We have not. Millions don’t go to school because the law does not have teeth.”

He also called attention towards the justice served in India. Stating that a person who stole Rs 100 and another person who stole Rs 100 crore will get the same punishment, he asked, “Does it give justice to society? I say it does not. Therefore, there is a need to amend laws.”

The teachers and students at the end of the lecture did protest against government’s 70:30 funding policy and the changes in reservation.