Conspiracy to implicate unemployed Muslim youths in crimes – Capitalist and politicians’ attempt

Hyderabad: It is common to exploit Muslims politically but for publicity and development, Muslims are being implicated with baseless allegations. These days Muslims are being implicated in crimes also.

A serious analysis reveals that in an organized way, the image of the Muslims is being tarnished. They are being exploited due to financial backwardness.

In the recently held firing case of Vikram Goud, out of 8 persons arrested, 4 are Muslims. Police also arrested Muslims in various cases from Cyberabad, Rachakonda and Hyderabad. Taskforce arrested Muslim boys in theft, robbery and other cases. These boys have no criminal record. They have no association with any criminal or professional robbers’ group. They had to adopt criminal attitude to fulfill their expenses.

Due to the exploitation of political leaders and capitalists, most of the Muslim youths are being targeted. It is also common that a section of media is bent upon tarnishing the image of Muslims. It has been found that Muslims are being persuaded to adopt criminal life. In Telangana area, there are more than 35 lakh Muslims but they do not have lands to cultivate, money to transact business and opportunities for jobs. In such a case, these unemployed Muslim youths are being exploited which creates anxiety in society.

–Siasat News