Conspiracy to abolish Survey Commissioner of Wakf

Hyderabad: It seems that Govt. of Telangana has no interest in continuing the office of Survey Commissioner of Wakf. Govt put forth a proposal that it should be merged with Wakf Board.

It may be mentioned that as per the Wakf Act, it is essential to have the office of Survey Commissioner of Wakf. The purpose of establishing this institution was to protect Wakf properties. It conducts surveys of Wakf properties from time to time and makes the data up to date.

It may be noted that the number of employees in this office was reduced. Earlier, CEO of Wakf Board was made in-charge of this office.

It is reported that it is essential to have this office as the complete records of Wakf properties are preserved in it whereas they are not found in Wakf Board.

It is very surprising that on one hand, Govt. is giving assurance to protect Wakf properties whereas a conspiracy is being hatched to end this office.

It may be mentioned that this year, Rs.50 lakh was allocated in the budget and orders were issued for releasing Rs,25 Lakh during the 1st quarter of this financial year but the amounts were not paid.

Govt. proposes to end this institution under the pretext of completion of the survey. There is a need for Muslim organizations to launch a campaign for its continuation.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]