“Consider Me Pakistan’s Ambassador,” Saudi Crown Prince told Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Crown Prince who arrived on Sunday on his first-ever visit to Pakistan after his elevation to the position of Crown Prince in April 2017 asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to consider him the ambassador of Pakistan in his country when asked to extend help to Pak labourers in Saudi.

“We can’t say no to Pakistan,” when Imran Khan asked Mohammad bin Salman to extend help to the 2.5 million Pak labourers who experience hardships while working in Saudi Arabia. Mr Salman assured that he will do everything he can to deliver.

Imran Khan on labourers working in Suadi Arabia said “They are very close to my heart. They leave their families and children and take all the trouble and go away to earn money. They don’t get to see their families for a year or six months, treat them as your own.”

Imran Khan tweeted the video of the meeting,

The Crown Prince, visited Pakistan at the invitation of Prime Minister Imran Khan, accorded a red carpet welcome and presented a guard of honour at the Prime Minister’s House after his arrival at Noor Khan Air Base in Rawalpindi.

“Pakistan is a dear country to the Saudi people and we will be partners as we have always been,” Al Arabiya quoted the Saudi Crown Prince as saying.