Connivance of Govt. and MIM: No Muslim issues raised in TS Assembly

Hyderabad: Muslims of Telangana had high hopes with the current session of Assembly but disappointment is their fate. No discussions are held in Assembly about important issues such as 12% reservations and release of funds for various welfare schemes.

The Muslims are forced to feel that “shouting in streets is different from speaking in the Assembly”.

It seems that there is connivance between MIM and the Govt. State Govt. claims that its welfare activities for Minorities have no parallel in the entire country but on the implementation side, the progress is slow.

Issues like scholarships, overseas grants, Shaadi Mubarak, loans to unemployed youths and 12% reservations did not come up for discussions in the Assembly. There are more Muslim MLAs than MLCs. In legislative council, Mohammed Ali Shabbir and Mohammed Saleem have been raising Muslim issues but the voice of MLAs is not reaching the portals of the speaker.

Muslims are worried about the progress for taking up the issue of 12% reservation. They do not doubt the intentions of the Govt. but the silence of the Govt. is disturbing their minds.

–Siasat News