‘The Conners’ losing viewers post Roseanne Barr’s exit

Washington: Turns out, Roseanne Barr’s exit has lead to a reduction in American TV show The Conners’ viewers.

In the second episode of the ‘Roseanne’ inspired TV show, The Connors lost 25 per cent of its viewers, reported the Fox news. The episode registered a total of 7.9 million viewers as compared to 10.5 million viewers in the first episode.

Industry experts had estimated that the viewers had tuned in to watch Barr’s pro-Trump character, but in the second episode, there was no trace of the character.

Notably, the first episode of ‘The Conners’ lost around 35 per cent of the viewers when fans tuned in to watch the return of the original series in March. Last year, when ‘Roseanne’ was rebooted again after 20 long years, it garnered in 18.2 million viewers.

The Barr inspired character was decided to be pulled down four months after Roseanne was axed out of this spinoff following racist remarks against former US President Barack Obama’s aide Valerie Jarrett.
The original show ‘Roseanne’ ran from 1988-1997, and in 2018 it was rebooted for its 10th season. But before it could premiere for its 11th season, it was replaced by the spinoff ‘The Conners’ which had started off with the Barr inspired character’s death due to a drug overdose.

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