Congress won’t be able to win alone, federal front necessary: Mamata

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said Congress alone won’t be able to win the 2019 General Elections and urged it to be more flexible in seat sharing with the regional parties so as to confront the BJP in one-on one fights.

Claiming that the idea of a federal front can work if the opposition parties unite on a common minimum agenda, she said the election results would be in their favour if the Front can pit the BJP in one-on-one contests in 80 per cent of the Lok Sabha seats.

“In the current situation, the Congress won’t be able to do anything on their own. So it would be better if all the states can come together and form a federal front. All regional parties have their own ideology and compulsion towards their states. The parties can come together through a common minimum agenda,” Banerjee said during an interview in News18 Bangla channel.

“Even if we can fight the BJP on a one is to one basis in at least 80 percent of the seats, the result would be very much in our favour,” she claimed.

Citing the examples of parties like DMK and AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, Shiv Sena in Maharashtra and Telegu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh, the Trinamool Congress supremo said it would be prudent to let the most powerful regional party contest the elections against BJP while others can provide outside support.A

“It is not that only Congress is present all over the country. Andhrea has Telegu Desam, Maharastra has Shiv Sena, West Bengal has Trinamool Congress. It is not necessary that Congress has to fight the election everywhere in the country. Why would they contest everywhere? They have their limitations also…” Banerjee said.

“If some parties decide to give outside support to the federal front or be a part of it they can do so,” she added.