Congress will solve farmers’ loan woes, says Rahul

Ajmer: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said no farmer in the country will ever go to jail over non repayment of loan if his party is voted to power.

Focusing on the farmers and the poor, Gandhi made a promise during his poll rally here in Rajasthan that the poor people would start getting Rs 72,000 soon after the elections.

Continuing his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on various issues, he asked the crowd if any of them received Rs 15 lakh as promised by the Prime Minister.

“I met the Congress Think Tank and asked for a decent figure we can promise to the country’s poorest segment. They suggested a figure of Rs 72,000. The Congress has made up its mind of depositing the amount in the account of the woman member of the family,” he said.

“There is no dearth of money. It depends on the wish and will of the ‘watchman’. PM Modi is cunning… he can deposit Rs 45 crore in the bank account of Anil Ambani but not a single penny in your bank account,” he finished his sentence with the word “Chowkidar” and the people uttered “Chor hai” after him.

“I will take out money from all those accounts filled up by Modi, and deposit it for the NYAY (scheme),” he added.

Speaking at another rally in Jalore-Sirohi on Thursday, he said the NYAY scheme will infuse life into the Indian economy and will not put any additional burden on the country’s budget.

“The economy shall gain speed with NYAY. Gabbar Singh Tax (referring to the Goods and Services Tax) and demonetisation impacted the economy badly… Many people lost their job. The unemployment rate became highest in 45 years,” the Congress leader said.

“Now, when 5 crore families of the country will get Rs 72,000 a year, their purchasing power shall go up which will boost the economy,” he added.