Congress trying Karnataka formula in Telangana to woo TRS & Independent MLAs

Hyderabad: After tasting success in Karnataka through its innovative ‘Resort Politics’, the Congress party has decided to implement the same strategy to form government in Telangana State ahead of the counting of votes. The party has decided to rope in its Karnataka Minister DK Siva Kumar, who is renowned as the master of Resoort politics’ to execute its strategy if they fall short of the magic figure of 60 in the State out of the 119-seat assembly.

Kumar had played a very important role in keeping all the victorious MLAs of the party together and formation of Congress-JDS government in that State. Kumar shifted all his and JDS party MLAs to different resorts and hotels in Karnataka and Telangana and kept them together till the alliance government proved its majority on the floor of the House. His master stroke had not only led to the formation of the Congress-JDS party in Karnataka, but also forced BJP Chief Minister BS Yedyurappa to tender his resignation before proving his majority on the floor of the House.

This has helped Kumar to acquire sobriquet as ‘Troubleshooter’ of the party. No less than party president Rahul Gandhi also appreciated his efforts and unparalleled services to the party. Kumar is likely to implement the same strategy in Telangana as well. The party leaders said they were already in touch with Independent candidates, who are likely to win in the elections. A strategy is also being devised by Kumar to take the help of city-based MIM party if they fall short of the numbers. The party leaders are also not ruling out the possibility of encouraging defections of the elected TRS party MLAs after the declaration of the poll results if required.