Congress, TDP coalition perturbs NTR’s soul: Modi

Guntur: Attacking the heredity of CM of AP, Mr. Modi asked Naidu whether the soul of NTR was perturbed with Congress-TDP coalition or not?

Making a direct reference to Congress, Mr. Modi said that with the humiliation and stubbornness of Delhi family, NTR had formed TDP. By forging an alliance of TDP with Congress, the legacy of Mr. NTR was shattered.

Modi was addressing a rally at Guntur, AP organized by BJP. He pointed out that due to the humiliation of Congress to Telugu speaking people, NTR had formed TDP.

Mr. NTR used to call such forces as terrorists who humiliated Telugu people. In fact, Naidu should have been with BJP in its Mukh Bharat campaign.

Modi remarked that Mr. Naidu is claiming that he is promoting the ideology of his father-in-law. Is it the homage he is paying to his father-in-law by joining hands with Congress? He also asked Naidu what was the compulsion that he bowed down before the Congress family? Did he forget the history of the formation of his party?

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]