Congress slams ministers for belittling Kodandaram

Telangana Congress, which is in doldrums with internal bickering on State leadership, has got a weapon of late against the ruling TRS leadership and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao against whom JAC Chairman Prof Kodandaram made some pinching comments.

The Congress leaders T Jeevan Reddy, Mallu Ravi and former MP from Karimnagar Ponnam Prabhakar launched a scathing attack on KCR and his cabinet colleagues for their unified assault on the professor. Jeevan Reddy stated that the ruling party is afraid of Kodandarm for his candid comments. The comments made by the ministers are an insult to the Telangana protagonists. Having played a key role in achieving the statehood Kodandarm spoke truth that the State government failed to stop suicides by farmers and achieved nothing.

Condemning the comments of the ministers, Jeevan Reddy alleged that KCR is just spending his time at his own farm house and ignoring the farmers’ problems. The TRS Government miserably failed to do anything for the cause of the agriculture sector, he said and found fault with the ministers for criticizing Kodandaram for his remarks. The Congress leaders expressed displeasure and sought to know whether there exists any civil rights in the State.

Mallu Ravi alleged that the basement of the TRS has got a terrific tilt with the comments of Kodandaram. Expressing surprise at the ministers for targeting Kodandaram, which is tantamount to attack on people, he demanded KCR to react on the row. Stating that there is nothing wrong in Professor’s words, who spoke on behalf of the people, he said Prof. Kodandaram united all political parties and sections of the society for the statehood.

In Khammam, Ponnam Prabhakar took exception to the TRS for attack on Kodandaram for seeking to know what the government has done in two years rule. Objecting to the comments on the non-existence of JAC, he sought to know where is the TRS? It is not right on the part of the government to make persistent attack on Kodandaram for comments which was not wrong, he said. The people will not welcome this trend, he said and asked the former to extend support to the professor fighting for their cause. (NSS)