Congress slams Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘artificial love’ for Goa

Congress on Tuesday attacked Arvind Kejriwal over his visits to the poll-bound Goa, saying the Delhi Chief Minister is professing “an artificial love” for the coastal state for making “political gains” at the cost of “Goan identity.”

“All his artificial love which he (Kejriwal) is professing for Goans, is buried in his ambitious plan of looting and eradicating the identity of Goans,” Congress unit spokesman Trojano D’Mello told reporters in Panaji.

He also alleged the AAP leader was eyeing the land resources of Goa as an “agent of the Delhiites.” Notably, Kejriwal during his Goa visit on Sunday had predicted that Congress would not be able to win even a single seat in the 40-member House in the elections next year.

This comes following Arvind Kejriwal’s comment where he asserted that the real fight in the upcoming Goa Assembly polls would be between AAP and the ruling BJP, claiming Congress would not be able to win even a single seat in the 40-member House.

He alleged that BJP wants to win Goa just “to make money,” and in the upcoming polls, people of Goa will vote in favour of the “honest” party.

“As far as BJP is concerned, people rallied behind the party during the 2012 Goa polls. Voters who would not vote for BJP even in their dreams, supported the party because they felt Manohar Parrikar would make a difference. But in the last five years, BJP has cheated the people. The party has turned out to be worse than Congress,” Kejriwal said.