Congress should think in terms of nation and support GST, suggests Venkaiah Nadu

Kolkata, Sept.12 : Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Nadu on Saturday appealed to the Congress Party to think in terms of the nation and extend support to the passing of the much awaited Goods and Service Tax Bill (GST) before the deadline of March 2016.

“I am still confident that our friends in the major opposition party realise the need for the GST, a path breaking taxation proposal which will integrate the country’s taxation, enhance the economy of the country and reduce corruption,” Naidu told the media here.

“I appeal to the Congress Party to please think in terms of the country and then extend support,” he added.

“If our friends in opposition are willing, we can pre-pone the winter session also and then we can fast track the other procedure of approval from the states also,” he further said.

The Government is expected to convene a special session of Parliament to pass the GST bill – a constitutional amendment – only after a consensus is arrived at among all political parties, including the Congress and the Left parties. (ANI)