Congress should target BJP this year

Lucknow: There has been a coalition between SP and BSP in UP. Congress feels that this coalition might divide the votes. Expression of displeasure on the part of Congress is also not inappropriate.

It may be mentioned that in the five states where Assembly elections were held recently, SP and BSP behaved in a separate way.

Now that there is time for Congress to record its presence in UP. It should raise the question about the coalition of SP and BSP. If the results of last Lok Sabha elections are reviewed, it will be clear that Congress was successful only on 2 seats. The same two seats have been left out by the coalition partners. SP and BSP felt that if they join hands with Congress, they will not get votes.

It seems that both SP and BSP got the same number of seats but in reality, SP has to give three seats to other parties.

The national meeting of BJP held at Ram Leela Ground, New Delhi targeted the coalition formed by SP and BSP. They said that these parties have come together to cheat the people.

CM of UP, Mr. Yogi hoped that BJP will perform better than 2014 results.

CM of MP, Mr. Kamal Nath stressed the need for the unity in the entire country. He said that BJP had polled only 31% votes in 2014 elections. Congress is disappointed because SP and BSP did not include it in their coalition which amounts to benefiting BJP.

Political analysts opined that BSP and SP coalition may reduce 37 seats of BJP in Parliament. In the previous parliamentary elections, BJP had polled 42%, BSP 20% and SP 22% in UP.

If both the votes polled by BSP and SP are pooled together, this percentage touches the BJP target.

The best thing for the Congress is that instead of conflicting with SP and BSP coalition, it should show its strength which will end in weakening BJP.

It may be noted that in the last Lok Sabha Elections, BJP had won maximum number seats from UP. If Congress exhibits its patience and targets only BJP, it may weaken BJP.