Congress says “this was bound to happen” on court holding back Mumbai meat ban order

New Delhi, Sept. 14 : Congress leader Tom Vadakkan on Monday said that putting off the ban of meat was bound to happen as the Indian Constitution doesn’t permit it.

This was bound to happen. The Constitution doesn’t permit any such bans and an executive order would be turned down by the honorable courts. This was bound to happen across the country,” Vadakkan told ANI.

“But the executive order in Chattisgarh , Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and I also understand, in Jammu and Kashmir. In J and K, it’s a court order but it’s surprising that BJP MLAs are giving a beef party. What is the message they are sending out, that they speak one language in the valley and one language in the plains,” he added.

Vadakkan also said that “If their intention is to divide India, I am sorry, it’s not working. The message is loud and clear that the people of Bihar will reply to it and various other states will take cognisance of this.”

The Bombay High Court today put on hold a ban on the sale of meat that has sparked a political controversy and much debate on social media.

The ban on the sale of meat was imposed for the Jain fasting period of Paryushan. It had originally been imposed for four days and then reduced to one day i.e. September 17, by Mumbai’s Shiv Sena-dominated civic body.

Various political parties had opposed the ban, and openly disagreed with the BJP, which wanted the slaughter and sale of meat to be stopped for eight days. (ANI)