Congress says Swamy wants to become Finance Minister

New Delhi: Congress on Friday said Subramanian Swamy wants to become the Finance Minister and termed his diatribe against Arun Jaitley as an “open war”.

“It is a comedy theatre. It is having a tremendous impact when the Brexit crises is on,” former Union minister Prithviraj Chavan told reporters at the AICC briefing.

He noted that at such a time, the need is of a united leadership of the External Affairs Ministry and of the Finance Ministry as the External Affairs Minister in case of NSG.

“But it is a comedy theatre going on and Prime Minister is not able to control Dr Swamy or is he working at the behest of somebody. It is an open war between Dr Swamy who wants to become the Finance Minister and the current Finance Minister,” he remarked.

On Brexit, he said it will have an “impact” on India because India is the largest investor in Britain and “I think our interests will have to be protected if Indian companies have to do well.”

He expected the government to come out with some kind of plan of action about the outcome of the EU vote soon.