Congress-run WhatsApp group has ‘Pakis’: Lekhi

Panaji: A WhatsApp political group formed and administered by the Congress has five ‘Pakis’ as members who also deride Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said BJP national spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi on Monday.

Hasiba Amin, the national convenor of the social media department of Congress, runs the group called ‘India Political Network’.

At a press conference here, Lekhi said that both Amin as well as the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, should answer, as to why Pakistani nationals are a part of the group in which national political issues are discussed.

“Rahul Gandhi needs to explain what are ‘Pakis’ doing in the Whatsapp group, which is run by a Congress office-bearer,” Lekhi said, adding that at least five persons on the group are Pakistanis.

Quoting some discussions by the group, Lekhi said that members of the group were discussing developments linked to the Pulwama tragedy and the aftermath, which included references to the Prime Minister.

“Then there is a video which has been posted by Pakistanis and these are the kind of things which Congress party is indulging in. Should that (Whatsapp group) have Pakistanis who deride your Prime Minister? You may have political opposition to that man (Modi), which is one part of the story, but will you allow others to speak the same language?” she said.