Congress remains soft on terrorists, hard on nationalists: Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi: Taking the ongoing debate on ‘nationalism and patriotism’ a step forward, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday alleged that the Congress Party has always been soft on terrorists and hard on nationalists, adding that the grand old party is playing with the nation’s safety and security.

“There is a peace, progress and prosperity in the entire country, but the Congress is unable to progress. The Congress was always soft on terrorists, and hard on nationalists. They are saying that justice is not done to Afzal Guru as if he is their ‘Guru’. They are expressing their solidarity with the people, who are raising slogans like ‘Maqbool Bhat zindabad’. They are also expressing solidarity with the Kashmiri separatists,” Naidu told the media here.

“The Congress is strengthening the voice of such forces which are questioning the integrity of the country. For short term political gains, the Congress Party is playing with the safety and security of the nation,” he added.

Naidu said senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram should know that it is not the minorities, who are feeling insecure, rather it is the Congress Party which is feeling insecure.

“You want to obstruct everything. You don’t want the bills to be passed. You don’t want GST, you won’t allow real estate and important legislations,” he said.

Naidu alleged that the political leadership of some of the parties are hell bent to become part of problems.

“They are trying to disintegrate people. Everybody is a nationalist as long as he loves his motherland. Nobody has the monopoly to say that this is nationalist and this is not,” he said. (ANI)