Congress releases another audio clip, Yeddyurappa trying to bribe MLA BC Patil

BENGALURU: Congress on Saturday shared yet another audio tape of the newly elected Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa allegedly trying to lure Hirekerur MLA BC Patil by offering him a cabinet berth.

Congress shared the alleged conversation between the two leaders on Twitter.

YouTube video

The grand old party had on Friday released a similar audio tape purportedly of tainted mining baron Janardhana Reddy of BJP trying to lure its legislator from Raichur Rural by offering money and posts..

Following is the transcript of the latest audio clip, the authenticity of which could not be independently verified by The Siasat Daily.

BC Patil: Hello … hello… hello … give him the phone (asking the man who called to hand the phone over)

Yeddyurappa: Hello

Patil: Anna namaskara, congratulations

Yeddyurappa: Where are you?

Patil: Going to Kochi in the bus

Yeddyurappa: Don’t go to Kochi, come back. Come back and we’ll make you a minister… help you in whatever way you want

Patil: Anna… okay… you’ve told me now. If you tell me something about what next…

Yeddyurappa: I could only tell you when the time was right, which is why I’m doing it now. Now don’t go to Kochi, come back

Patil: But we’re in the bus

Yeddyurappa: Don’t go, make some excuse and come back

Patil: So what will be my position?

Yeddyurappa: You will become a minister

Patil: Anna, I have three other people with me

Yeddyurappa: Bring them with you, you have faith in me no?

Patil: Yes, yes

Yeddyurappa: Now come back, don’t go in the bus

Patil: Okay Anna… okay

Yeddyurappa: Once you go to Cochin, the matter is closed because we won’t be able to catch you.

Patil: Okay, okay, Anna

Yeddyurappa: Now tell me what you’re going to do

Patil: I’ll call you back in 5 minutes and tell you