Congress registers complaint against Modi’s roadshow as voting was underway

New Delhi: The Congress party lodged a complaint against PM Modi with the Election Commission (EC), for holding a road show while voting was underway for the second phase of Gujarat elections.

The Congress on Thursday alleged that PM Modi had violated the code of conduct by continuing his campaign after voting in Ahmedabad, reported Hindustan Times.

“The Election Commission of India has set different standards for the BJP and the Congress. What is the reason for the poll panel to behave like a frontal organisation of BJP,” asked Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala at a press conference.

“It is a great shame that PM Narendra Modi has turned all constitutional institutions into his puppets, the Election Commission of India being one of them,” added Surjewala.

The Congress has backfired after the Election Commission had sought an explanation from newly-elected president Rahul Gandhi for appearing in TV interviews ahead of voting in Gujarat. The EC had said that such an act was a violation of the code of conduct.

The EC, on Wednesday, had further said that the rules prohibit the display of any “election matter” within 48 hours of the start of the voting procedure.

“PM Modi’s roadshow after casting vote is a clear case of violation of the model code of conduct. The Election Commission, it seems, is working under pressure from the PM and the PMO,” said Ashok Gehlot, Congress’ Gujarat in-charge.

After casting his vote in Ahmedabad, PM Modi had shown his inked finger and greeted the crowd. The PM also stood at his SUV’s step that had slowly moved up to some distance.