Congress perhaps does not need Muslims now: Qamarul Islam

Hyderabad: Former Congress Minister of Karnataka, Dr. Qamarul Islam told that for his ouster, Congress Parliamentary Party leader, Mr. Mallikarjun Karghe is responsible. He was addressing a press conference yesterday. He further told that it is the prerogative of CM and party high command to remove or induct anybody into the cabinet but Mr. Mallikarjun Karghe misled him till the last moment that he would be continued in the cabinet but at the same time proposed the name of Mr. Tanveer Seth. He further told that he welcomes the induction of Mr. Tanveer Seth but at the same time it should be made clear that why was he dropped from the cabinet?

He alleged that Congress party uses Muslims when the occasion arises and throws them out afterwards. He told that at the time of elections in Gulbarga and Bidar, his services were needed. Now that there is no election, Congress does not need him, perhaps Congress presumes that Muslims are burden on the party.

Giving the details of his performance during the past three years as Minister for Minorities Affairs, Dr. Qamarul Islam told that he worked beyond the election manifesto of Congress. He said that he introduced honoraria for Imams and Mauzzins, financial assistance for performing marriages of destitute minorities girls and other welfare activities which were not part of Congress election manifesto perhaps Congress rewarded him for such works. He also told that he used to work 16-18 hours daily.

Reacting on the violence by his supporters in Gulbarga, he said that people became passionate after hearing the news of his ouster. He appealed to his supporters to protest in a democratic way. He mentioned that he has been in politics for the past 40 years. In the days to come, he would exhibit his political strength and would show Mr. Kharge that what is Qamarul Islam?

–Siasat News