Congress party’s “Mission Old City” will be accomplished: Sohail

Congress party’s “Mission Old City” will be accomplished: Sohail

Greater Hyderabad Congress Committee (GHCC) Minorities Department chairman Shaik Abdullah Sohail on Saturday expressed confidence of accomplishing the “Mission Old City” being pursued by the Congress party.

In a media statement, Sohail said that the Congress party had decided to launch an awareness campaign in the Old City and launched it in a mission mode on August 31. He said that the GHCC Minorities Department has made inroads into the lanes and by-lanes of the Old City which remained neglected under the MIM leadership. “We met and interacted with hundreds of people during the last four months. We heard their grievances and offered solutions. We tried to wake up the local leaders from their slumber. This turned the MIM leaders more arrogant and they openly refused to resolve the issues being confronted by the people on daily basis. Some of them, who were genuinely concerned about the people’s welfare joined or supported the Congress party. Our aim is to bring the Old City on the path of development,” Sohail said.

Sohail said joining of two ex-Corporators of MIM, Meraj Mohammed and Mohammed Ghouse, was a proof that the MIM was losing its base in Hyderabad. He said both the leaders were known for their hard work and dedication. However, they were unable to compromise on ethics and morals. “They were upset with the MIM leadership for its growing proximity with the BJP and other wings of Sangh Parivar and therefore, came out to join the Congress to fight against communal forces. Almost 90% of MIM leaders and workers were feeling chocked in Darulsalaam. They enjoy no respect, importance or freedom, except during elections. I advise them to join the Congress party in order to serve the people in a better way,” he said.

Meanwhile, GHCC General Secretary Syed Nizamuddin informed that the entire schedule for election campaign in the Old City has been finalised. He said several prominent national leaders of Congress party would participate in the election campaign in the Old City. He said that the Congress would expose how the MIM has failed to resolve the basic problems despite beinig in power for the last 54 years. “The entry of Mohammed Ghouse, Meraj Mohammed and other leaders from MIM has rejuvenated the entire Congress cadre in the Old City. We promise a highly aggressive and never-seen-in-the-past type campaign. MIM leaders will be questioned on non-performance on every nook and corner of Old City,” he said. (INN)