Congress never halted development, only exposing lapses; Jana

K. Jana Reddy  Leader of Opposition of Telangana Legislative Assembly strongly condemned the language used by CM KCR on Congress and termed an attempt  to escape from the responsibility of Governing the State. He also said the language used by CM KCR can be also used by us but our integrity and social obligation stalled  them  from doing so.


Contending that KCR blamed the congress for placing legal hurdles  in development activities, Sri. Jana Reddy  said  that  most of the cases in  corridors  of  courts were taken up by the TRS  workers like  regularization of contract  workers and Singareni  workers etc. Even during congress rule ,several  cases were hoisted  on the govt .Instead of blaming the opposition, the congress leaders strived  to continue  the programs  that  benefitted the people most.


Senior Congress leaders   Mohammed Ali Shabbir, LOP TSLC and Ponguleti. Sudhakar Reddy MLC Deputy Leader TSLC were also present during the press conference held at Telangana Assembly Media Point Today.


Speaking to mediapersons on Thursday, Mohammed Ali Shabbir slammed Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for his intemperate language and  poisonous attack on the Congress party. He has forgotten that his political career was started as a Vice-President Youth Congress then he jumped into TDP in 1983. KCR is now providing ‘Rakshasa Paalana ‘(despotic)  with ‘Aahankaaram’ ( arrogance ) .         Countering the  comments of   KCR Shabbir said  that  ‘ KCR was conducting  himself  as a Shikandi and  villan , as he was unable to carry the people and party with himself and his desperation and  depression that  he will be  out  of power  by 2019 had been driving him  crazy and mad  at everything  and everyone  criticizing him.    Joining  issue with KCR for acidic attack on the congress party  yesterday  Sri Shabbir  demanded that  KCR withdraw his remarks on  Congress and a public  apology for  his  silly and shameful  public  conduct . What all KCR has done so far  is  deceiving  people of Telangana with  false poll promises and  driving the state with a totally  scam ridden  administration .


Terming  KCR’s comments  on  Meira Kumar  and Gira Kumar as  very condemnable  and undemocratic , the LOP asked  KCR  to withdraw his comments or face public retribution . Condemning   KCRs  remarks on  Meera Kumar, the LOP said  Meera Kumar  was  a national leader, an Indian foreign Services, Lok Sabha MP for  several terms and Speaker of Lok Sabha  who steered the  Telangana  Bill  in parliament . ‘ The Women of Telangana  will not forgive  you, KCR if you won’t  withdraw  your  nasty  remarks on a woman politiian of  international  stature.


Sri   Shabbir   also  said  that  the Telangana CM  cheated the  dalits after  exploiting them during elections   and  Telangana agitation . In the  Siricilla   sand  mafia  case  KCR  supported  the  police  action  on dalits  in stead  of  suspending  the Policemen  involved in the  police  zulum. The power to beat the people is condemnable and Police duty is to produce culprits in the court of law, where court will decide the action, shabbir added.


Our  CM  is in habit  of  always   taking   a U turn from  inquiries and probes  after making high  sounding  declarations  initially ‘


Failure of the TRS government is  regular  feature with scams erupting  in every  activity  in the state  . Ayoudya Society, EAMCET paper leak, Nayeem Case, NOTE for Vote case, Bodan  Commercial Tax Scam ,Indiramma Housing probe, Miyapur land scams and now  drug cases  all expose  the  TRS government’s  inability  and inefficiency  in managing  the state affairs .‘ Almost every public entrance  exams  have been postponed after  leakages and official  failures’.

            Condemning the high voltage  publicity  of govt in the  drug case, the  LOP said that  during  the congress regime 52  persons were  identified  and  were given counselling to give  up drugs . But  KCR and his  government  were keen  to  defame  film actors, students  and also others  for political goals .

            Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy strongly  condemned KCR utterances and  demanded unconditional apology  and that  the people of Telangana  were aware of the dramatics and tantrums of KCR. (NSS)