Congress did maximum damage to Wakf Properties – Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily told that the ruling parties are not serious about the protection of Wakf properties. They make lofty claims in their election manifestos for protecting Wakf properties but after assuming power, they forget all such promises. They hasten in transferring honest officer who conscientiously function for protecting Wakf properties.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan was addressing a protest meeting organized by Deccan Wakf Protection Society at Mahboob Husain Jigar Hall, Siasat Office Complex yesterday. Former Minister, Shanker Rao, Mr. Osman bin Mohammed, Al-Hajri, Chairman of Deccan Wakf Protection Society, Dr. Khayam Khan, President, MBT, Mr. Sanaullah Khan, General Secretary and others addressed the gathering.

Continuing his speech, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that during Congress regime a masjid was demolished for the construction of Shamsabad Airport runway. In the same manner the wakf property of Dargah Husain Shah Wali was sold out to Lanco Hills. He recalled that late Dr. YSR invited three editors of Urdu newspapers to negotiate on the sensitive issue of protection of Wakf properties and Ms. Sonia Gandhi had also assured that she would invite the Muslim leader to Delhi. Despite these efforts, neither Wakf Board was made a partner for 50% income of RG International Airport nor it was given Rs. 5000 crore from the profit of Rs. 10000 crore accrued from Lanco Hills. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan pointed out that a duty conscious Wakf official was transferred on the charge of misusing 40 more liters of Diesel so that the land grabbers could get an opportunity to usurp Wakf properties. He mentioned that Wakf Board was successful in dislodging the illegal possession of wakf land belonging to Masjid Nanabagh, Basheerbagh but the Marwadi who was illegal occupant of the property was made the tenant again. This proved that no political party is serious about protection of Wakf properties. He demanded the Govt. to reappoint Mr. Jalaluddin Akbar in Wakf Board to ensure one lakh acre of Wakf land in and around the city of Hyderabad.

Former Minister, K. Sankar Rao assured that he would support every movement for the protection of Wakf properties. Mr. Osman bin Mohammed told that the activits who are engaged in protection of Wakf properties are being threatened by using police force. Dr. Khayam Khan lamented the quiet attitude of the Govt.

–Siasat News