Congress left out of SP-BSP, can it repeat 2009 in UP

New Delhi: The battle for power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections has brought interesting politics on the battlefield, as competitors strategizing, forming alliances, to win the seat no matter what political sacrifice, these parties are willing to give to dethrone the ruling party.

The shared objective of the opposition parties is simple to defeat the ruling BJP party first.

The alliances which paved the way were built in the later 1960s and subsequently in the late 1980s. The Janata Dal-BJP’s role then is the Congress’s role now, HT reports.

Well, the growth of regional parties also comes as a challenge now as a political alliance with any of these parties could be of greater help in the upcoming election and the war against BJP.

The regional parties come together to help one another and that surely explains why the alliance in Uttar Pradesh couldn’t evolve beyond Bahujan Samaj Part (BSP) – Samajwadi Party (SP), while Congress is viewed as ‘other’ party.

Why Congress was left out with SP-BSP forming alliance. That reason behind this move could be Congress’s declaration of intentions to contest all the 80 parliamentary seats in Uttar Pradesh leaving no respectable seat share option for SP or BSP. Was this a wise decision, will be known soon.

When things did not work out with Congress, this led to the coalition alliance of SP and BSP parties in UP.

Now Congress remains as the strongest opposition rival against Modi but still, it is a lone ranger. Only the upcoming weeks will reveal whether it was a wise decision for Congress or is it repeating the same mistake.