Congress leaders speaking like devils quoting scriptures: KTR

In a scathing attack, IT Minister KT Ramarao today lambasted the Congress leaders saying they were neck-deep in scams during their previous regime. Their attitude was similar to a cat eating 100 mice and went on spiritual tour.

As part of discussion on demands in Legislative Council on Friday, the Congress party alleged that the TRS government filled with corruption. Reacting on it, KTR alleged that the Congress party only indulged in schemes and scams and asked the latter to tell as to what it was done to the people in the last 40 years.

The Congress party was not in a position to digest the development taking place in the state, he said and claimed that it was atrocious on the part of the Congress leaders as they were not in a position to digest the development of the state. “The Congress leaders have to extend their support as the state is developing”, he suggested. He said that the state will not develop in case the Congress leaders grown Beards, mustaches by sitting in Gandhi Bhavan. (NSS)