Congress leaders fire salvos against KCR

Congress leaders fire salvos against KCR

Hyderabad: The Opposition launched a scathing attack on care-taker Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for calling early elections by dissolving the Assembly today.

TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy alleged that KCR abolished the Assembly to go to home after early elections. KCR was trying to deceive the people in the name of early elections as he failed to fulfil his assurances given by him to the people, he pointed out. He said KCR was going for early elections nine months before the scheduled time as he was afraid of ‘defeat’. He said the KCR’s word of economic development of Telangana was 100 percent a big lie. He said that the Telangana stood in first place in liquor sales, farmers’ suicides and debts. He pointed out that the six times more populated Uttar Pradesh was getting Rs 19,000 crore revenue from liquor sales whereas four crore populated Telangana State was getting Rs 20,000 crore revenue.

Former minister DK Aruna found fault with KCR for stating that he sacrificed nine months power and asked KCR to tell as whom sake he was sacrificed the nine months power. KCR was telling cock and bull stories to the people of Telangana for the last four years, she said and termed KCR as a big ‘Bafoon’. She asked KCR, who was telling that his surveys confirmed 100 seats to TRS party, to tell as to why he was going for early elections. She alleged that KCR entered into an agreement with the BJP and said that the Telangana people were ready to down the arrogance of KCR from his head to legs. She warned that Telangana people were ready to send KCR to his home. DK alleged that KCR deceived people in regard to assurances and was going for early elections to deceive once again.

Kodangal MLA A Revanth Reddy alleged that KCR was afraid of schedule time elections thinking that he will not get even opposition role. He alleged that KCR failed 100 percent to fulfil his assurances. He stated that KCR was escaping from his failures by scolding Rahul Gandhi and Congress party. There was no use to Telangana people with early elections, he said and exhorted that the developmental works to be done in the coming seven months will be stalled due to early elections. KCR was attacking Congress party instead of giving answer to the questions raised by the Congress party leaders, he pointed out. Terming all TRS MLAs as dacoits, Revanth Reddy alleged that KCR was throwing his mistakes on Congress party. He asked KCR to remember that the same Congress was the party given him political career.

Ponnala Laxmaiah alleged that KCR was abolished the Assembly on backdoor though the people given clear mandate. KCR was the first chief Minister insulted the mandate of the people, he alleged and asked KCR, who stated that he, will go to elections only after completion of his assurances, to tell as to why he was going for mid-term elections. He said that KCR insulted the peoples mandate afraid of defeat. He said that KCR transformed the Telangana as debts state. KCR has to remind that the Court found fault with KCR more than 50 times, he said and KCR behaved like a monarch by imposing 144 section in Mallanna Sagar. Asking KCR to come forward for a debate on last elections TRS manifesto, Ponnala exuded confidence that Congress party would emerge as a winner.