Congress leader Vikram Goud gives statement after being shot

Hyderabad: Congress youth leader Vikram Goud who was allegedly shot in his residency under mysterious circumstances is currently undergoing treatment.

Two days after being shot, the leader on Friday gave his official statement to the Police, claimed he was shot by two masked men.

He claimed the two masked assailants, covering their faces with helmet and handkerchief, fired at him and yelled ‘kam ho gaya’ before fleeing the scene.

“The man wearing a helmet opened fire at me, while the other person was standing at a distance. First, I was hit on my hand. As I was about to fall, I turned and immediately another bullet struck me, which hit my other hand. Later, they both got on a bike, which I think is a black Pulsar and fled the location,” Vikram said in his statement.

His wife Shipali who was on another floor, rushed down on hearing Vikram screaming in pain.

According to the Police, the investigations carried out indicate the bullet wounds are self inflicted. “This is not a case of suicide, but we suspect they were self-inflicted. If he wanted to kill himself, he would have targeted vital organs. We are trying to ascertain the reason behind his decision and the corroborative evidence. Vikram was certainly under pressure to clear debt,” a senior official was reported saying to media.

DCP(West Zone) A Venkateshwar Rao said, “When we studied the scene of crime, we did not find any signs of someone fleeing or the kind of disturbances expected in a hypothetical case of a person attempting to kill another by opening fire”, stating that so far the weapon used in the firing has not been recovered.

The officials suspects the crime weapon is hidden. Vikram’s wife Shipali’s written statement contradicts with Vikram’s statement said the Police.

Since Vikram was indebted and was under constant pressure by money lenders he sought this solution in order to get help from his father.

The Ballistics findings revealed the shell of the bullet recovered from the crime scene was black which happens if the firing was from an extremely close range.

So far, none of Vikram’s parents have raised suspicions about any person. Vikram is currently undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospitals.

A doctor’s statement about Vikram’s condition said: “He continues to be stable both cardiac and respiratory. Maintained on oxygen support , analgesics and other supportive care. He will be continued in the intensive care unit for further monitoring for respiratory, cardiac and infectious complications post injury.”