Congress leader Rashid Alvi attacks Modi, rebuffed by Smriti Irani

New Delhi: Congress leader Rashid Alvi on Monday kicked up a row with his remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, evoking sharp reaction from an audience, which asked him to take back his words and apologize.

Organisers at a conclave, to mark the two years of completion of Modi government, tried to pacify the agitated audience who shouted down the Congress leader as words of ‘shame shame’ rent the air.

It all started with Alvi asking HRD minister Smriti Irani, who was also present, on what action was being initiated on Modi coming out as “most stupid Prime Minister” in Google search. The audience took offence to this question.

Responding to the remarks, Irani said, “In Congress, those who throw stones and spits at Narendra Modi will be blue-eyed. The poison against Narendra Modi has crossed the limits so much so that people forget that he is country’s Prime Minister.”

“When Rashid bhai uses such words for the country’s Prime Minister, what kind of words does he use for a woman minister by saying that ‘it is heard that you are very close to Modi ji’. We have to live with this poison everyday and then people say why does Smriti Irani get angry,” she said.

Lashing out at the Congress, she said, “There is a cabal who have festered this democracy for too long. They have lived off the scraps of the dynasty and they have done this irrespective of the damage they do to institutions. Because their whole survival was never dependent on their talent, but it was dependent on their proximity.”

Irani said by the example put forth by Alvi, neither Modi nor his supporters would be hurt, but the Congress leader has only lowered his own image by doing so.

Earlier BJP leader and former JD(U) MP Sabir Ali said it reflected the mindset of Congress, who were unable to digest their defeat and that their regime and influence were gone.

“I expect him to take back his words. I feel such language can be used only by people with such mindset who have a regret that their regime and influence have gone. Those who feel that being influential is their right can use such words,” he said.

Lyricist and screenwriter Prasoon Joshi said Google provided information the way it was put forth before the search engine. “It is like an algorithm. Google always follows the pattern of your search. It is not a gospel, it is a pattern. It is an algorithm and should be read like that,” he said.